It’s NOT You, it’s Endometriosis!!!

It's NOT You, it's Endometriosis!!!

Oftentimes when I’m in severe pain because of my endometriosis, I often think that somehow or someway it’s my fault. Maybe I did something along the way that was so terrible that this is my punishment. I mean, why else would I be dealing with something that’s extremely painful? Well maybe because I am strong enough to deal with it. It’s NOT You, it’s Endometriosis!!!

We may often ask ourselves or someone “why am I going through this?” but the only answer that I can come up with is that we are strong enough to deal with it than the next person. Endometriosis isn’t fun, it’s a disaster. Being in constant pain can not only bring you down physically, but it can crush your spirit. Just like many things that we may face in life.

We sometimes find ourselves saying, maybe this isn’t working out because I did something wrong, maybe he won’t call because I said the wrong thing or maybe I didn’t get that job because I’m not smart enough. Guess what? It isn’t you so stop blaming yourself. Just because something doesn’t go right in your life doesn’t mean it’s your fault.

Life isn’t supposed to be perfect. We are supposed to go through trials and tribulations so that we may become stronger. If you’re dealing with the pain and heavy bleeding from endometriosis and you feel as if you just want to give up, DON’T!!!. I’ve been there as well as many others. Together we can help each other get through the pain.

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